Jerry Murray AKA Jerry-O performing on the Robin Seymour show in 1966.


Nick Speed is no stranger to the limelight. His first major publicity began when he was only four years old, appearing on the front page of the Washington Post after being honored by President Ronald Regan for his accomplishments as Washington D.C.s youngest on-air radio personality. As the son of an American music pioneer, Nick Speed has been surrounded by music his entire life. As a child, his fathers colleague, Quincy Jones, sang the scales of music in Nicks ear and told of his plans to have Vincent Price do a voice over on his new Michael Jackson project. He saw the first ever television show dedicated to playing videos from African American musicians - BETs Video Soul - created by his father right before his eyes. At the age of six, Nick moved to Detroit for good, and embraced the musical culture and the sounds of Motown and began his own journey towards his musical future and establishing himself as a staple in Motor City

In the late 90s, Nick met Detroit legend DJ House Shoes in a Detroit record store who schooled him on the MPCand the rest is history! Nick began building relationships with local hip-hop acts and developed a reputation as one of Detroits hottest dj/producers on the come up. Spending significant time at the Hip Hop Shop on 7 Mile, Nick was influenced by many Detroit greats including J. Dilla, Eminem, Proof, and Slum Village establishing himself as a staple in Detroit hip-hop. The list of Nicks local collaborations goes on and on from Phat Kat to Proof to Stacy Epps, Danny Brown, Monica Blaire and Slum Villages Elzhi. In 2004, on a fateful first trip to New York to shop his music, Nicks demo fell into the hands of G-Unit President Sha Money XL, who signed Nick as an exclusive producer to his Money Management Group.

Having established himself as a platinum producer and DJ, Nick now returns to his roots as an artist and is looking forward to launching his solo career and heading to the front of the stage with his one of a kind charisma, energy and most of all, incredible new music!