Jerry Murray AKA Jerry-O performing on the Robin Seymour show in 1966.

Rounding out the Danceland Years is a gem: "What's The Matter With The World," by The Goldtones. Recorded at the tail end of Dancelands 1948-1951 life. The song's haunting allure differs greatly from the other Danceland releases. Surrounded by the tremolo guitar and doo-wop background vocals, the male lead vocalist's smooth , soothing delivery provides a dramatic contrast to the grittier sound of John Lee Hooker and Tony Blues Lewis. Enormous efforts have been made to learn the identity of the artists involved with this song but, alas, Morry Kaplan's written records of the session have long since vanished. The song itself was obtained from an unlabeled acetate master found in Kaplan's home.

The Goldtones

Danceland Records