Jerry Murray AKA Jerry-O performing on the Robin Seymour show in 1966.

The Sea Shells

These were the only two songs recorded on Villige Records of The Sea Shells..."Quiet Home" and "Another Tear Must Fall". One of the beloved writers in the catalog is Roy Cohen who wrote multiple songs in the catalog such as "Wedding Bells" by Richard Popcorn Wylie, "Come To Me" by Richard Popcorn Wylie, "Brokenhearted Me" by The Martiniques and "Another Tear Must Fall" by The Sea Shells. Here is a quote from Roy Cohen on those famous years,

"Dear Sammy;

The reason for this missive today will become clear as you read on.

Nostalgia doesnt usually inhabit my sensibilities, but neither does it escape me entirely but today is different. Today it took hold of me.

Just as swiftly as an unforseen wind can suddenly play havoc with your combover, that's how suddenly I was awakened from a dream that brought me back to the halcyon days.

The dream ended, but the thought continued.

It was one year before Berry Gordy bought that quaint building on W. Grand blvd. and began the Motown era that our paths crossed, yours and mine. It was the fall of 1958. You were that husltling, bustling whirlwind of an impresario into all the happenings and doings in the detroit music scene. I was writing and producing for new acts in the most electric city on earth... Forget Philly, forget New York, forget Los Angeles, even Atlanta, forget them all. It was Detroit that was blossoming. So the reason for this missive.That was 1958, this is 2012. Fifty-four years Sammy. I know of some relationships that didnt last fifty-four days let alone fifty-four years.

Who knows what would have been had we not met. I dont know. But what I do know is if our paths didnt cross, I probably would not have had my music in movies, I probably would not have my music on T.V. shows, I probably would not have been on all the major networks and Sammy; you just keep it going on. So the reason for this missive? Simply to thank you. Fifty- four years Sammy. Imagine! Weve completed so much in such a short time and I know you'll keep it going.

A certain kinda love,"

Roy Cohen