Jerry Murray AKA Jerry-O performing on the Robin Seymour show in 1966.

"Down" by Victor Newman is the new album from Win Win Global and the Lovelane Music Group.

For avid readers of The Daily Rind, you might remember an article that was posted on songwriter/producer/artist Victor Newman back in July, 2011. Since that time, Victor has diligently been working in the studio as all of the above on a multitude of projects.

One of them is the recently released Down for which The Orchard is providing digital distribution courtesy of our label Lovelane Music Group. The smash single is “Cali’ Livin’” featuring the Doggfather, Snoop Dogg a.k.a. Snoop Lion, which is a tribute to the West Coast that you can bump out your speakers while in your vehicle. The title track, “Down,” is another energetic track that is sure to get couples on the dance floor with its funky beat. Victor continues with up-tempo Club tracks including “Patron,” “Till The Wheels Fall Off” and “Take Me Away.”

Towards the latter part of the release, Victor changes the pace. “She Ain’t Givin It Up” is about a girl that he is into, but she is reluctant to go all the way in their relationship. On “I’m Still Here,” despite being gone for an extended absence, he is always going to be around for his lady no matter what happens and vice versa. One of the standout tracks is “Mama Thank You,” where Victor gives props and love to his mother for being a wonderful parent who rode with Victor through thick and thin. The album’s finale is “Let’s Go,” another blazing track where Victor catches wreck on the microphone strutting his stuff.

Currently, Down can be downloaded on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon, or streamed on Spotify and Rdio.

In addition, Victor has been promoting Down in Dubai, where he also has a residence. You can check him out doing an in-store at the Virgin Megastore here: